Speaker censures Rahul for embracing PM in LS


New Delhi, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Friday reprimanded Congress president Rahul Gandhi for antics in the House when he gave a surprise hug to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also winked. ' ..nahi hona chahiye (this should not happened)' said Ms Mahajan, after around two-and-a-half hours of Mr Gandhi crossing over to the treasury bench and embracing a sitting Mr Modi. The Speaker said in the House, Mr Modi was sitting on the seat of Prime Minister when the dramatic interlude took place. 'Decorum of the House should have been maintained,' she said. 'No one from outside will come and protect the dignity of the House. All of you will have to do it,' she said. The Speaker also did not entertain objections to her observation from Congress members Mallikarjun Kharge and Gaurav Gogoi and went on to remark 'Gaurav beta aapko bahut kuch seekhna hai (dear Gaurav, you still have to learn a lot)'. Directing her message to Congress floor leader Mr Kharge, the Speaker said, 'Aap bhi aisa nahi karoge (I think you will also not do it)'. Ms Mahajan clarified that she had nothing personal against Mr Gandhi and was making the observation only to uphold the dignity of the House. Earlier, leading the Congress charge in the debate on the No Trust motion, Mr Gandhi said he did not nurse any ill feeling against BJP and walked across to embrace Mr Modi. However, Mr Gandhi's gesture provoked mild rebuke from the Speaker, who said the dignity of the House should be maintained and that there is no room for any 'drama'.

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