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Special Editorial : Prosperity Be All-around


Special Editorial :

Prosperity Be All-around

Prafulla Maheshwari

On the rock of the time numerous episodes are inscribed. Many are omitted, many are in memory for all time to come. Some are presented as lesson, some inspire in future to do something more new. Not only for a person but for society and nation also the time is greatest teacher. It is natural rule that before sunrise its red-rays start eliminating darkness. The parting 2017 and red rays of 2018 be for the entire world particularly for our India transmit new energy, self confidence, development, speed, mutual faternity, progress, strength vision, firm resolve and new thinking. The establishment in association with society make such efforts that upto the last person of society and house-hold of a kisan around prosperity be there. Analying the going out 2017 it appears that this year was of turmoil. From global views whether it are beyond limit dialogues in between North Korea and America or India’s across the borders tension with Pakistan and China, gave different kind of signals, many issues cropped up with Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It should be appreciated that India maintained as always its strength. In New Year we have to gain strength from military point of view, so that as always our neighbours should accept out might, we have to be more alert about military activities and terrorist infiltrations across the border in India. India is marching towards progress, world is looking towards us with hope and confidence. We have to make such efforts constantly that will develop social harmony and faternity. In this participation of the all the sections of society is necessary. On triple talaq we have to come forward with new thinking. Recently the country has seen the elections in Himachal and Gujarat. This can be called paradox of the time that elections deviated from the issues of public interests to low levels. In New Year elections to five states including Madhya Pradesh are coming. After this in another next year elections to the Lok Sabha will be held. We have to remember that in these elections issues should remain around economic and social development. Both the big political parties should enter the election arena with this line of thinking. To take India upto new heights there should be common understanding in these parties. For Madhya Pradesh also the coming New Year will be full of many challenges. In last year problem related to kisans brought the state into national headlines. Kisan agitation shook the power and establishments. We should not forget that in Madhya Pradesh if the Kisan are happy than everybody is happy. For the benefit of kisans the “Bhavantar” scheme be reviewed from this point view, whether it is beneficial to real kisan or someone else. The kisan problems to fake fertilizers, seeds and pesticides should be solved immediately. The pains that the G.S.T has given to traders that should also be compensated, with over coming all such problem we make such efforts and New Year resolves the development, progress, better healthy, bought dreams and its fulfillments for prosperity, faternity and harmony to brighter our New Year heralding happiness to all. Many many good wishes to all.

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