Staff pledges to make Van Vihar plastic free


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal, On the occasion of world environment day the Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF) Wildlife, Shahbaz Ahmed administered oath to all the officers and workers in Van Vihar National Park to not to use the prohibited standard polyethylene and single use plastic and make Van Vihar plastic free. During this program, Additional principal Chief Conservator of Forest (APCCF) Dileep Kumar and Van Vihar’s Director Samita Rajora were also present. In order to stop the use of plastic bottles, PCCF and Van Vihar management distributed the SS bottles to the staff. Pitcher were also been kept at different places in Van Vihar for workers to drink cool water. Kiosk will only use plastic free material Now Kiosks which are located in Van Vihar cannot use plastic plates, spoons and other plastic utensils and will only use the material which can be vanished in nature and special instructions are given to serve the food in leaf Donas, wooden spoons etc. Cleaning of Van Vihar by Senior and junior staff On the occasion of World environment day Senior and junior staff including the Director of Van Vihar Samita Rajora participated in cleaning of Van Vihar National Park. To make Van Vihar plastic free they collected plastic bottles, pouches and polyethylene bags, spread in Van Vihar premises.