Stalemate in Mandis


The Mandi Board of the State Government has issued an order some months back for the protection of loaders known as “Hammals” that in Mandis no bag would of more than 50 kilogramme in weight. But strangely yet not any mandi has enforced this order. The Hammals of Bhopal Mandi took up the matter and stopped loading and unloading of bags of more than 50 kilo on weights. The work in Bhopal Mandi has come to halt and no auctions are going on in the mandi. This Hammal movement of Bhopal Mandi will soon spread out to all the mandis in the State.Uptil now the bags carried the weight of 90 kilogrammes almost double the now prescribed limits of 50 kilogramme. The traders are putting up absurd arguments that they have stock of bags of 90 kilo capacity. The Hammals say it is no problem and it can be filled upto 50 kilo only. The Government has to ensure the Mandi Board order is carried out in the mandis.