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State Library


In the capital Bhopal a massive size state library at the cost of Rs.60 crores is being set up. It was announced before the state Budget and now financial provisions were also made in it. The State Government will contribute Rs.40 crores and Rs.20 crores will be provided by the Government institution of the Board of Secondary Education. It is to be set in Bhopal near 7 Number Bus Stop on 2 and a half acres of land. The six floor super structure will have about 2 lakhs books and latest library oriented gadgets like lap top, computer, online data, audio-video, micro film. It will have auditorium, cafeteria and exhibition halls. On the name of big library the state has three Central Library at Gwalior, Indore and Bhopal and on the closure of British Council Library the State Government has taken it over as Swami Vevekanand Library. At Gwalior there is a government institution for training the librarians. When the Nehru Cabinet Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was Union Education Minister the National Library was established in Kolkota. At that time it was not thought out that under the National Library there should be State Libraries also all over India. But subsequently when Doctor KL Shrimali become Union Education Minister he launched a massive library scheme for the whole country. The Central Government provided funds, cars, jeeps, projectors, cameras, laud speaker etc. for speeding library movement.  In Madhya Pradesh the officialdom has water down the scheme. The Srimali Scheme was to set up libraries at the district level and by using the vehicles, projectors and laud speakers etc. spread and set up reading room in other areas in the district. But the cac used by the DPI as his vehicle and jeeps in the districts were used as their official vehicles by the DSE and DEO. It is said that not for day these vehicles and equipment were used for library purposes. There should be special audit in the implementation of Dr.Srimali library scheme in the state. It should be traced in the audit that what was noted in log book of car and jeeps and the Government fund spent on it. If it is misuse of vehicles the recovery be made and concerned officers be punished. The upcoming State Library should not be confined to its own only. It should develop the existing three Central Library in Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal utpo the level of facilities provided in the State Library and Central Libraries be set up in other divisional headquarters. Beside it State Library should also take under it control the district libraries also. The Dr.Srimali Library scheme be looked afresh to take clues from it.

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