State Results


In view of Congress political recovery in the Vidhan Sabha general elections it was expected that in the Lok Sabha also it will be neck’n’neck fight between the two. In the Vidhan Sabha is edge of Congress over the BJP is very marginal. The Lok Sabha verdict is a debacle of Congress and likely to reflect in the State Government also. On winning the thin victory over the BJP the Congress decided to repeat it in the Lok Sabha also. But in the Lok Sahba polls the Bartiya Janata Party turned the table on the Congress by giving it smashing defeat in 28 out 29 Lok Sabha seats. Confident over Vidhan Sabha verdict, the Congress decided to field prominent leaders on the seats that were under the Bhartiya Janata Party for a long time. The Bhopal Capital seat was one of it. The former Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Mr.Digvijay Singh appeared most appropriate candidate to snatch the Bhopal from the BJP. He was known to everybody and considered sure win. His BJP opponent may have been known figure in the BJP but in public she was unknown. She was a name connected with the Ayodhya Ram Mandir and became the member of the Bhartiya Janta Party on getting ticket for Bhopal. In Bhopal it was BJP as party has won and defeated Mr.Digvijay Singh. The last Lok Sabha poll of 2014 the Congress nominee Mr.PC Sharma lost to Mr.Alok Sanjar by nearly 4 lakh votes. Mr.Digvijay Singh also lost by more than 3 lakh votes. The defeat of Congress leader Mr.Jyotiradita Scindia from his Guna Constituency is really very surprising. From the 1952 elections the Scindia royal family is active in politics. Earlier they themselves kept away from contest and gave support to Hindu Mahasabha. To whom so ever it supported won the election to Parliament in many Assembly seats of Gwalior region. In such days Mr.NB Khare, a film journalist editor of film India Mr.Babu Rao Patel, Mr.VG Deshpande of Hindu Sahba were elected members of the Lok Sabha. Later Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia herself become active in politics and joined Congress and become Lok Sabha member from Gwalior-Guna seats. But some clash of ego occurred between Rajmata and Chief Minister Pandit DP Mishra and she left Congress and joined Jan Sangh now BJP. But her family was divided politically her son Mr.Madhavrao Scindia joined Congress and Mr.Jyotiraditya Scindia is his son. The family who get elected many persons in Assembly and Lok Sabha was defeated by the BJP from his home Guna Constituency. In the Madhya Pradesh Mr.Scindia is always considered as who can become Chief Minister. The tribal leader Mr.Kantilal Bhuria had been state Congress President, Central Minister and few years back he won the bye-election to Lok Sabha from Ratlam but in the 2019 general election he lost to BJP by over 90 thousand votes. There is hard time for Mr.Ajay Singh ‘Rahul’. He was Congress leader of the Opposition in Vidhan Sahba and was defeated in the home Constituency of Churhat. He was again fielded for Lok Sabha from Sidhi his home district and again defeated by more than 2 lakh votes. The Congress has won only one seat of Chhindwara from where the son of Chief Minister Mr.Kamal Nath Mr.Nakul Nath was Congress candidate and Mr.Kamal Nath was also Congress nominee for the Assembly bye-election from Chhindwara vacated for him become Vidhan Sabha member. Both father and son elected to Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha.