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Strong efforts to get Basmati Rice patent


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that maximum attention has to be paid on agriculture for the overall development of the state. Keeping this in mind, better implementation of various schemes concerning irrigation, modern farming besides farmers’ welfare is being ensured at ground level. CM Chouhan was addressing farmers at M.P. Shreshtha Krishi Kranti programme held at Indore today.Chouhan mentioned that the state government is making constant efforts to hold highest position at the national level in the agriculture sector. As per the sentiments of the Prime Minister towards the farmers, effort is being made in the state to double farmers’ income by 2022 . He further stated that we have succeeded to a greater extent with the help of the farmers in this connection. As a result, we are getting good yield of every crop now in the state. CM Chouhan has informed that the state government is making strong efforts to get the Basmati rice patent. We are also challenging claims of other states for this. He mentioned that a law has been made for Batai (sharing) agriculture system, which will safeguard the interest of land owners and the person, who undertakes farming. Chouhan said that keeping in view the bumper production in agriculture and horticulture sector in the state, the state government is making efforts to export agriculture produce. The Chief Minister said that we have succeeded in extending the area of ??irrigation from 7 lakh hectare to 40 lakh hectare in the state. Efforts are now being made to reach 80 lakh hectares. He said that for this work like Nadi Jodo are being undertaken. Feeder separation work has been done to provide adequate power on time to farmers for irrigation. Loans are being given to farmers at zero percent. The amount of bonus is being given. Interest on changing the seeds and lifting advanced fertilizer has been reduced. The revolutionary Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana is being implemented at the field level. Support prices of garlic, gram and lentils have also been set. The Chief Minister said that this is being done to give all the farmers a fair price for their hard work and sweat. Chief Minister Chouhan said during the programme that the state government remembered the benefits of last year’s production of wheat producing farmers and this year they were given incentive at the rate of Rs 200 per quintal. He said that the farmers who sell wheat at support price this year would be given Rs. 265 per quintal, which is Rs 65 more than the previous year. Chouhan said that the state government is well-acquainted with the problems of farmers due to the abundance of every crop produced in the state. Now, to get the farmers a fair price for their crops, the state government will tell them what to grow in their fields and when, so that farmers of Madhya Pradesh can get huge benefit from the crop value fixed at the international level. Chouhan said that keeping in view the revolution in the horticulture sector, the state government is encouraging the farmers to set up a food processing unit. Assuming a Food Processing Unit worth Rs 10 crores in this scheme as a mega project, beneficiaries will be given various benefits.

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