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Students present tribal, folk dances


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The annual function of sanskar kendras was held at Sharda Vihar on Monday. About 1200 students and their guardians belonging to 37 sanskar kendras took part in the celebrations. Ramji Bhavsar, prant pramukh, Vidya Bharti Madhya Prant, the chief guest at the programme, and other guests Shahi Bhai, Mohanlal Gupta, Purushottam Joshi and Ajay Shivhare inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. The girl and boy students of sanskar kendras gave their scintillating performances on religious songs like ‘Sapne me sagi dekhiyo Nandlala’, ‘Mare dholana’, ‘Devashri Ganesha’, ‘Halu halu’ among others. Students presented tribal, folk dances, religious, Rajasthani, Karnataka, Marathi and regional dances.

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