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Subversive elements have earned sympathy in Rahul Gandhi’s heart, says Jaitley


New Delhi, Amid debate about human rights especially in Jammu and Kashmir, Union Minister and BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Friday alleged though the Congress "ideologically" would have been opposed subversive groups, but these elements have lately "earned a sympathy in Rahul Gandhi’s heart". He also alleged that several right organisations have only turned "over-ground face of the underground" and charged the Congress and other parties with often backing these "subversive" elements. "The political adventurists in parties like AAP, Trinamool and the like only look for a political opportunity in these groups. These human right organisations are an over-ground face of the underground. In the system that they believe in, there is no place for life, liberty, equality and free speech. In fact, there is no space for election or Parliamentary democracy," Mr Jaitley wrote in a Facebook post. Slamming Congress chief, Mr Jaitley wrote: "Rahul Gandhi had no qualms about joining those who raised subversive slogans at JNU and Hyderabad. With this initial success, the others amongst the so called federal front have forgotten the dangers of these groups to India and Indian democracy". The senior BJP leader maintained that what is of concern is lately there is a growing "coordination" between the Jehadi forces and the Maoist insurgents. "The Jehadis believe that there is space for only one religion and the Maoist believe that there is space for none. Of late a visible coordination between the two is becoming more and more apparent," he said. The Minister also maintained that "in fact, one of the worst victims of the Pakistan’s misconceived Kashmir policy has been the resident of Kashmir valley". Dwelling on human rights issue, Mr Jaitley wrote: "In the state of Jammu and Kashmir, who is threatening the human rights of the citizens? The entire Kashmiri pandit community has been banished from the State. Initially spared but after the Chittissinghpura Massacre in the year 2000, most of the Sikh community has moved out. Today most of the people left in the valley belong to the majority community of the State". At the same, he said, most native Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir "don’t support secessionist". "Many of them have also set up a base in other cities of India. The Kashmiri youth are going to other States for education and jobs. My own interaction with various groups, particularly students of Kashmir University, left me with an impression that there are extremely bright youngsters with aspirations. Their entire environment is being disrupted," he said. "In the last few years most innocent citizens that the terrorist are killing in the valley, are fellow Kashmiri themselves," he pointed out. In reference to lately used phrase of 'muscular policy', Mr Jaitley suggested that hot pursuits should be undertaken in the trouble-torn state. " is paramount to protect India’s sovereignty and the right to life of its citizens. At times we get caught in the idioms that we create. One such phrase is “muscular policy in Kashmir”. To deal with a killer is also a law and order issue. It can’t wait a political solution. A fidayeen is willing to die. He is also willing to kill. Should he be dealt with by offering Satyagraha before him?," the Minister wrote.

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