Success of play not based solely on talent of writer


Debate on Natyashastra held at under ongoing Theatre Olympics

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal A debate was organized at Bharat Bhavan on Saturday on the second day of National Debate on Natyashastra. The discussions were held under the ongoing 8th Theatre Olympics. Rita Ganguly chaired the opening session. According to the Natyashastra, the strange or changed sound which comes out of the mouth because of wonder, misery, anger, fear is called Kaku. This topic was discussed in detail by G Krishnan, Sangeeta Gundecha and Wasif Uddin Dagar. Prior to the discussion, Kalamattam Ram Chakar explained the importance of Kaku in the control of breathing with the Kudiattam dance performance and the change in face expressions. It is not necessary to classify the arts, to understand the history and to pursue every mode, said Rita Ganguly. Talking about the theatrical scriptures, she said that the sound has a special significance in the play, it is necessary to practice himself for an actor or a musician for sound transformation. Advancing the discussion, Wasif Uddin Dagar explained the importance of elements and body parts in theology. Considering the importance of Kaku in Sociology, Sangeeta Gundecha said that if the artist understands “Kaku”, then he or she can easily understand the hidden emotions presented on the stage. In the next session, speaker Bharat Ratna Bhargava and Yogesh Tripathi shared their views in the perspective of theatrical writing. This session was chaired by renowned playwright Devendra Raj Ankur. Describing the importance of Bharat Muni’s theatrical work in the field of writing, Bharat Ratna Bhargava told that every author has unknowingly followed theatricals. The author gives special place in his article to the events happening around him. Devendra Raj Ankur said that the theatre is an amalgamation of rules of theatrical creations, observation and performance. The study of the Natyashastra makes it clear that the success of the play is not based solely on the talent of the writer but it is by combining the different arts and artists.