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Summer at Peak


Entire Madhya Pradesh is facing the worst summer with temperature ranging from 43 to 45 degree Celsius. The Khargone recorded highest 45.5 degree. The capital Bhopal is also in the grip of acute water scarcity. Although the Municipal Corporation officially has not announced any cut in water supply but they are many localities which are not getting it for last many days. In many localities the water is supplied for few minutes only that too not atthe fixed time and because it many people miss it. The monsoon is still away for a month till it time in mid June. The water problem is getting bad to worse and worst with every coming day. It is very tough time for the people to the state. The heat waves are there and the weather office has warmed that in coming the heat waves will be more severe in the intensity and will prevail in the night time also. The traditional ‘Novtapa’ the nine day spell of intense heat will be start on May 25 but this year it will be like additional ‘Nov tapa’ is the people are feeling it even now.

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