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Summer Measures


There is a saying that drought conditions are also nature’s arrangement to improve soil fertility. In that situation the fields are kept vacant and scotching heat fertility of soil go up. In subsequent years it give increased yield of crops. With the shrinking of water levels in the water bodies provide opportunity to remove soil from talaab to make it more deep for increasing the water storage. Such excavated soil from talaab beds are very fertile and spread over barren lands to make it also fertile. It is an ancient wisdom of soil management. These days in the state the talaab are shrinking and Government should take prompt measures to take advantage of the situation to make all the talaab more deep and wide by further digging. Some year such action carried out at the Bhopal Bhoj Sagar (Upper Lake) but it turned out be photo session and publicity stunt. Such things should be done with sincerity to achieve the objective.

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