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Suresh Prabhu inaugurates CAPINDIA 2018


Mumbai, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry on Thursday inuaugurated CAPINDIA 2018, the third edition of the international Make in India show for exporters here. Speaking on the occasion, he said,'We can say no to plastics, but we need to say yes to environment-friendly plastic which is nothing but biodegradable plastic which can be recycled.' Stating that plastic has a tremendous growth potential, the Minister said,'If we don’t use plastic, we will have to use timber, which in turn will lead to deforestation. We have to therefore make a choice between biodegradable plastic and deforestation.' 'India today can make all kinds of chemicals and it is catering to domestic as well as global needs. India is the largest producer and exporter of agrochemicals,' he said. Stating that India adheres to environmental norms as per international standards, he said that no business was not environment-friendly could be carried out on a global scale. Mr Prabhu said,' Our forest is one of the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity. Indian industry needs to do far more in the mining sector. There is a need to spread the awareness across the industry that we would not be able to produce anything without mining. Mining is the basic ingredient which makes the industry work and it must be ensured that mining is undertaken by adhering to the highest environmental standards.' Underlining the importance even of post-mining activities, the Minister said mining was necessary for sustenance, and that mining and downstream activities could create huge opportunities in the service sector as well. The Minister said CAPINDIA mapped India’s capability in plastics, non-forest produce, chemicals, petrochemicals and mining and the event capped India’s potential. Expressing Government’s full support to the exhibitors, the Minister recalled the Global Services Export Event organized in May and said it would lead to trillion-dollar exports including merchandise and services exports.Mr Prabhu said that export-driven growth was what the industry should target.

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