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Swearing-in ceremony of Digambar Jain Social Lake City Group held


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The installation ceremony of the year 2018 executive of the Digambar Jain Social Lake City Group was held at Sankar Upvan Parisar on Monday. The programme began with ‘Mangla Charan’ which was presented by Chanda Badjatya, Meena Bilala, Manisha Patni and Sandhya Girdharwal. In his presidential address, narendra Badjatya provided details of the previous year and the works done by the group and the secretarial report was presented by secretary Pradip Jain (Chhabda) in which he gave details of the works done in the last year. The swearing in ceremony was conducted by Digambar Jain Social Group Federation’s nominated working president Subhashji Jain Kala. The oath for the post of president in the new executive was taken by Sunil Jain Chhabda. Shashendra Lahri took oath for the post of secretary, Pankaj Vinayak was sworn in as treasurer, Arvind Sogani as executive president, Suresh Kasliwal and Keshavchand Jain as senior vice president, Sukant Sogani and Narendra Togya as vice president, Yogesh patni and Rajiv Gidharwal as joint secretary while Pradip Bilala, Prabhat Baj and Chanda Narendra Badjatya were sworn in as directors. Rani Chhabda was nominated as cultural secretary. After the swearing in ceremony, outgoing president Narendra Badjatya pinned his presidential pin to new president Sunil Jain Chhabda, while outgoing secretary Pradip Jain Chhabda pinned his secretarial pin to new secretary Shahendra lahri. Vijayji Modi (Gyanganga), Arvind Sogani and others congratulated the new executive and urged them to connect with new activities of social service. Founder president Vijayji Kasliwal and Group’s new member Narendra Togya also greeted the new executive and hailed the activities of the group. In the programme, Vijay Sogani, Shambhu Sogani, Dilip Sogani, Sudhir Sogani, Virendraji Jian, Hiramaniji Kasliwal and others greeted the new executive.

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