Syllabus Problem


The new syllabus termed as Code 28 is causing difficulties for the private colleges to get teachers of required qualifications in the technical subjects. The colleges say that teachers of that qualifications are there but as per new Code 28 they are not PhD under the new Code directive such teachers are not entitled to take up teaching in the particular subject. Most of the private college could not appoints such faculty teachers and informed the government authorities that teachers with PhD were not available. In the state 10,000 such PhD teachers are required. The State Government has warned the colleges that if it do not have PhD teachers the recognition of such colleges will be cancelled. So far the Government has held up the recognition of 48 colleges. Last year 250 private colleges applied for recognition and 150 were below the standard.This year about 300 private colleges have applied for recognition and are under scrutiny. There are some 1200 private colleges in Madhya Pradesh are 40 per cent of it could not manage and employ teachers of required qualifications, such notices are also issued to Jabalpur and Gwalior universities. In the year 2015 the UGC (University Grant Commission) issued a circular making it compulsory for the college to appoint teachers having proper qualification under code 28.