Take out ‘Jal Yatra’


The ruling Bhartiya Janata Party and the opposition Congress party are gearing up for the coming General Elections to the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha in the last months of this year. The BJP has planned to take out ‘Kisan Yatra’ from April 1 to 15 in all the Assembly seats to come in close touch with them. On the conclusion on 16th April Kisan Festival will be held. The Congress has decided to organize ‘Nyaya Yatra’ from April 5 upto April 21 on many problems that people are facing and it will focus on women honour. But there is enough time of many months upto the election. But the summer season have come and the people are facing biggest problem of water scarcity. In many villages men, women and even children are everyday taking out ‘Jal Yatra’ of many kilometers to fetch water from long distances. The BJP and the Congress should keep their Kisan and Nyaya yatras in pending and in public interest should form joint ‘Jal Yatras’ in each and every villages to know the pitiable conditions of people is not having drinking water in their village and going for many kilometers have it. The hand pumps have gone dry and no water in tube wells. In joint Jal Yatra they can take spot decision to provide water at their homes in the village itself.The dictum - water is life - should be attended first by Jal Yatra and Kisan and Nyaya Yatras be deferred for some time till rains come.