Talab Preservation


In view of frequent water scarcity problem the Chief Minister Mr Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken a very vital decision to launch statewide campaign for preservation of talabs. The campaign will be one and a half months long from May to June 15. During this period renovation, deepening and the construction of new talab will be undertaken. There are many villages without any water body and people go long distance for fetching water and in critical summer days these villages supplied water by tankers. In construction of new talab such villages be taken on first. Such water bodies will be able to collect rain water and also percolate as under ground water which the due need of the State The Government must handpumps but phase out tube well. It is disastrous and over exploiting undergound water and itself with a water are needed most. In the forest areas also there must be mini talab in large numbers to provide water to the wild life also. During summer the wild life on search of water came upto nearby populated areas causing damage to life to other and self also. The Chief Minister Mr Chauhan has urged the people to do shramdan for talab but should ensure that shramdan should not and in photo session but real rural work shramdan.