Tamannah walks out of another Telugu Film


Suddenly Tamannah is in the middle of this storm that she walks out of Telugu films without giving some believable reasons. Recently she took part in the muhurat event of Raju Gari Gadhi 3 but just days after the event she walked out of the project citing dates issues. Reports are now coming that her latest film that features Gopichand in the lead, whose shoot was supposed to start this week, is now under trouble. Milky siren is said to have walked out of this film which is being directed by Malayalam director Binu Subramanyam and produced by Chatrapati Prasad. Back then, Tamannah has walked out of Raju Gari Gadhi 3 because of two reasons, one that she’s paired with a not-so-star like Ashwin Babu (Ohmkar’s brother) and then she got an offer to act with Bollywood’s popular Nawazudding Siddiqi. But what has made her quit Gopichand’s film now? Some say that she is in need of stars films as she got Sye Raa release in hand right now, and hence she decided not to star in this movie. We have to see what Tamannah will say about this.