Task to Ministers


The Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given one year agenda of development to each minister and departments to carry it out within the time schedule. Mr.Chouhan himself will make a monthly review on 5th of each month to see the progress. Virtually it is the election agenda as this year election to the Vidhan Sabha will be held and next year in 2019 the election to Lok Sabha will take place. The Election results in Punjab and Gujarat has given a jolt to Bhartiya Janata Party to realize that elections cannot be taken for granted. In Punjab the BJP was in coalition government with the Akali Dal and in the election both of it lost the power and suffered worst defeat. In Gujarat it had been in power for the last five terms continuously and returned to power for 6th term. But this time its strength in the Assembly has come down and that of Congress has increased. In Madhya Pradesh in the BJP Government is completing three terms in power and aspiring for the fourth term. In this election he has given specific task to all ministers to show development on good governance to the public to give mandate again.