Teachers and Diwangs


The teachers strike in Madhya Pradesh has become permanent feature. Despite Right to Education the primary and middle education is most neglected in the State. Teachers are almost always our strike. The ‘Samvida’ teachers do not know to which department their services belong? The Education Department refer them as staff of local municipal bodies and civic body refer them as of belonging to Education Departments. The very large number of teachers have assembled at the Jamboori Maidan in Bhopal and gave five days ultimatum to meet their demands. In the capital it is pathetic sight the ‘Diwang’ are also agitating on the demand of education and employment. Some of them on hunger strike and police have lifted them to send to hospital. They are agitating for the last 28 days. The concerned ministers and officials should summon or go to meet them. They deserve all considerations on their demands.