The Unity Club of Bhopal celebrated World NGO Day


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal There are so many NGOs around the world, who serve the society and also do social service work. And very few people know, about the February 27 i.e. World NGO Day. Bhopal Unity Club celebrated this day with great enthusiasm. The members of the Unity Club celebrated this day with the poor children in Shiv Nagar slum area near new market. Game activities were organized among the children like - Put a coin in a bucket full of water, Break the glass by ball and at last paper craft was held. During this, the children raised and showed their talents and were rewarded after declaring the game winners in the last. This program included members of Unity Club - Pooja, Rohit, Bharat, Vinayak, Piyush, Prem, Harsha, Ashish, Nikhil, muskan, Shivani, Twinkle.