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Tiger Hunting


The situation is aghasting that within 28 days of this months of January 6 tiger were killed by the hunters. The big cats were shot dead, poisoned and electrocuted. Once the Madhya Pradesh had a name and fame in the country tiger protection and increase in numbers in its wild life sanctuary. The Kanha-Kisli tiger reserve is of international fame. But now the situation in reverse. Since the year 2016 whopping 61 tiger were killed in the state. Before 2016 in 2015 about 30 tiger deaths were recorded some on natural cause. In the year 2014 there were 308 tigers on the count in the state and effort were intensified put the Madhya Pradesh at the top among the states in number of tigers. However now the tiger deaths in state indicating towards the alarming situation in it. Around capital Bhopal the tigers are coming upto outskirts and the hunter are also active to pray them. Measures should to be taken to bring a new law with heavy punishment to the tiger hunting. Smuggling on their different organs have also come into light and arrest of culprits. The situation very grim in the Madhya Pradesh from tiger conservation to tiger destructions.

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