Tiger Shroff’s punctuality will leave you inspired!


Tiger Shroff is very particular about reaching everywhere on time. The talented actor believes and values time a lot. He is one of the most punctual actors of B Town. Whether it is for a shoot or for some event, he prefers arriving a little early or is always on time. The actor who is known for his action and dance skills is very disciplined towards his work.Even when the people on sets are not ready for the shot, Tiger is seen to be waiting patiently as he’s usually on set half an before the call time. If an action sequence is to be shot, Tiger reaches all the more early to complete his stretching and warm up and prepare for the scene.So that the scene gets shot in time and looks more realistic. It is a normal phenomenon for Tiger to wait for the staff to ready the set instead of the other way round. Even when the shot is not ready he keeps preparing for his role so that he gives his best, also making sure he is utilizing time. This proves how dedicated Tiger is towards his work. Discipline is something that is instilled in him from childhood. Tiger is currently busy filming Baaghi 2 before he starts off with YRF’s action thriller.