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Tiger Survey


The All India Tiger Survey has been launched in the Madhya Pradesh from February 5 and will continue till March 26.In the first phase in all the tiger reserves of the state besides tigers the population of leopards and other wild and herbivorous animals will also be conducted. The National Tiger Conservation Authority said that in 2017 there were 98 tiger deaths in India and out of it 26 deaths were reported from Madhya Pradesh. In 2016 the 33 tiger death occurred in the state. The Madhya Pradesh has 257 tiger in 2010 and by 2014 their number rose to 308. About 12,000 Forest Department staff to track and locate all the tigers for counting.The Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of forest beat in the country. It has about 9000 beat as against 30,000 acres of the country. The tiger facing grave threat in the Madhya Pradesh. The reasons are electrocution, poaching, poisoning, in fighting, natural all other rail and road accidents. At one time the Madhya Pradesh was number one in numbers of tigers but now the Karnataka is in the top position. After the completion of Tiger Survey the ranking of states will be fixed afresh.

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