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Tonsure Protest


The tonsure protest by thousands of teachers in the capital Bhopal is taking serious turn. The main opposition party of Madhya Pradesh the Congress has also joined in their fray. Many Congress leaders also got their head shaved to show solidarity and joining the agitation. First of all the male teachers got their head tonsured. The next day the lady teachers also got their heads shaved and the issue become emotional for all the people. The people are shocked and dismayed over it. The plight of teachers and their agitation have become permanent feature in the state. With Congress lending open and active support to the teachers the teachers agitation has become a political issue also. The 2018 is the year of General Elections to the State Vidhan Sabha, such agitations will become more serious from this angle also. Among the teachers there are large number of Samvida (contractual) teachers demanding permanent absorption the Education Department. But in other departments of the Government also there are large number of contractual employees. They are also demanding permanent absorption in the services. There are thousands of posts of teachers are lying vacant and Samvida teachers can be appointed on such permanent post under the Education Department.

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