Traffic Violations


The Central Government has steeply hiked the penalty and jail terms for committing traffic offenders and crimes. These strict measures have come into effect and operation from September 1, 2019. But the states are allowed it so desire, to reduce the fine amount in such traffic violations by 50 per cent. It means different states can have different rates of fines. Now the traffic on long routes and highways are operating on inter-state and on all India basis. There are provisions like ‘N-P’ – (National Permit). By way of G.S.T. of the nation has adopted uniform tax system for the whole nation to strengthene the feeling of oneness. In such atmosphere at it totality improper to allow states to have different rates on traffic violations. The traffic is wholly of all India nature. There should be complete uniformity in all the traffic rules, regulations and action on traffic violation. The different rates for traffic violation in states is negation of the idea and objectives of G.S.T. There are certain new provisions for new type of traffic offences. Now it is punishable traffic violation and mobile phone while driving. In the new rule now it is offences for a boy-girl below the age of 18 to drive any vehicle. For such offences besides the juvenile offender his are her parents and owner of the vehicle will be punished with heavy fine of Rs. 25,000 and jail terms. But on age issue there are several important changes have been made in some other areas. For a long time the adult franchise age in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha election was the age of 21 and above. Now it has been brought down upto the age of 18 years. It was the opinion of the society that after attain in the age of 18 it further require 3 years time upto the age 21 to attaining mental maturity and that was fixed as voting age. Now it is realized that with general development within the society the average age has gone up and in government services retirement age has also gone up. It is realized the now boys and girls acquiring maturity early and that is why the voting age has been brought down from 21-18 years of age. But is also realized that a boy of 15-16 years of age have committed sexual offense like rate and even murders. In Delhi Nirbhaya case out of 6 criminal the juvenile criminal who was short by 6 month in the age of 18 was the most burtual and cruel criminal but he was sent to reformatory for three years and there after he was let off on being juvenile. It is also released that now the mature age should brought down from 18 to 15-16 years of age. This will also allow the boys of girls of this age to drive the vehicles.