Triple Talaq Abolished


The Modi Government with its persistent efforts and determination has succeeded in getting the Bill to abolish evil religious practice of triple talaq in Muslim society abolished. After getting it passed in Lok Saha the Government was facing difficulty in getting it through the Rajya Sabha. But ultimately in July 30 in 2019 that day has come when the Rajya Sabha passed the Bill by 99 votes against the 84. Hats off to Mr.Narendra Modi who abolished the 1400 years old religious evil practice. But the credit should go to Saira Bano of Uttarakhand who started relentless battle against it upto the Supreme Court and won the battle for the entire Muslim women in India. It was Saira Bano who filed the writ petition in the Supreme Court after her husband who gave her instant triple talaq in 2016. In her fight four more Muslim women Afreen Parveen of Rajasthan, Atiya Sabri and Gulshan Pariwas of Uttar Pradesh and Israt Jahan of West Bengal joined her in the legal battle against the talaq tyranny. Shaista Amber, President of the All India Muslim Mahila Personal Law Board has termed the Parliament vote as historical victory. She said that in entire married life the triple talaq sword hanging on the heads of Muslim women that any moment instant triple talaq could make them homeless, helpless and hopeless. With the abolition of triple talaq they can live with dignity and honour and secured position. Now triple talaq is criminal offense and the offender will get three year jail term and fine. The women will be entitled to maintenance for livelihood. The conservative elements in all the religions oppose all steps and measures of reforms. Even in Parliament such persons were active in many pretext. Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi said that 1400 years old practice has been thrown into garbage.  The first battle of Muslim women was launched by the legendary Shah Bano of Indore, when divorce by her husband she claimed maintenance and secure it in her relentless legal battle upto Supreme Court. The Court judgment became applicable to all Muslim women for getting maintenance on getting divorce. But it is matter deep regret that Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv Gandhi who talked about the vision of 21st century succumbed to conservative fundamentalist Muslim men pressure to make a law to make the Supreme Court judgment infructuous. It had a provision that divorced Muslim women would get maintenance only upto the ‘Iddat’ period of forty days only. Mr.Modi should also take note the Supreme Court has ruled that women of all age have right to go in Sabarimala temple in Kerala and cannot be debarred no natural biological factor.  But here also conservation fundamentalist Hindus are still opposing and preventing nature age women from going there and his party the Bhartiya Janata Party as also among them who are opposed to women entry in Sabarimala temple. Similar law should also be made for implementing Supreme Court judgment here also.