Trump-Kim Accord


The American President Mr.Donald Trump and North Korean Head of State Mr.Kim Jong-Un the bitter foe of yesterday met at the Sentosa Island of Singapore for bilateral talks at the Third country. In two session of 90 minutes both leaders reached an understanding and signed an Agreement heralding a new chapter on US-North Korean relations. Kim reached Singapore in the plane of “Air China” symbolically indicating that China is at the back of Kim. The divided nation of Korea – the North Korea is connected on land with Russia and China. It is a very small nation aligned and connected with two nations. The Russia and China of mighty size might nations of the world. The US is well aware of the fact that its economic or any other sanctions are meaningless as North Korea’s most of trade and business with Russia and China and everything are available. For some months both Mr.Trump and Mr.Kim exchange hot and abusive words for each others and threatened with the nuclear attacks. The North Korea carried out series of nuclear bomb and nuclear missile test that have the capacity to hit targets in United States. At one time it appeared that war may break out between North Korea and America. But it is also on cards that in that situation Russia and China will back North Korea. Under very hostile atmosphere Trump and Kim met in a very friendly and cordial way and within 90 minutes signed a peace agreement. Few days ago the North Korea dismantled some of its nuclear installation and is reported that under the Singapore Agreement it has agreed to dismantle its nuclear missile sites. Mr.Trump said in the coming days, world will see remarkable changes in our relations. The talks were held on a better notes more than expectations. The North Korea is likely to go for nuclear disarmament. Mr.Kim said they had set aside the past and started a new relationship it was message of peace. But there are lurking doubt about Kim that he may back out from it. If nothing of that sort of thing happen and agreement and understanding among them prevail they will meet again. Mr.Trump will invite Kim to come to White House in US or Mr.Trump may visit North Korea. The US had such odd situation in Cuba where the Soviet Union (Russia) was there support of Mr.Fidel Castro and in Vietnam which was also a divided nation between North and South. There China was at the back of North Vietnam to support the President of M Ho Chi Minh. After fighting a bitter war there US had to beat a retreat. In North Korea same thing would have happened with China’s backing it in case of confrontation with US. Due to US sanctions the North Korea was facing isolation. Under compelling situation both met to resolve the differences and reached an agreement.

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