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Trump’s Indiscretion


The American President Mr.Donald Trump by his reckless senseless indiscretion created a diplomatic problem in India and America and embarrassing position in Pakistan. When two heads of states meet they do it in two ways. The one is delegation level meeting where records of minutes are maintained. On this basis joint statement are issued the another form is one to one meeting between them where no records are maintained. The talks are in confidence and kept confidential. Mr.Trump in his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Mr.Imran Khan has said that Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has asked him for mediation on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. It created furor in Indian Parliament as it was totally against the policy of India and treaties signed by India and Pakistan as Lahore Declaration and Simla Agreement. In these two treaties it has been directed that all the issues between India and Pakistan should be bilateral issues to be decided by themselves. There shall be no third party between them. It is so specific that no Prime Minister of India could go beyond it unless such treaties are revoked mutually. In Parliament the Foreign Minister Mr.S.Jayashankar and the Defence Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh explained the Government stand that Mr.Modi in his talks with President Trump had not asked Mr.Trump for American mediations on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. But the opposition parties as usual in opposition way and functioning cornering the Government and insisting that Mr.Modi himself should come before the Parliament to state what he said to Mr.Trump. In the diplomatic norms nothing can be revealed in one to one talk between the two heads of states. The American Administration is trying its best to control the damage caused by the indiscretion caused by Mr.Trump. The American clarification said that Kashmir was bilateral issue between India and Pakistan. The America welcome the talk between them on the issue and America was prepared to offer help in the matter. But issue has to be decided only by India and Pakistan itself. The Congress Member of Parliament Mr.Shashi Tharoor has said that it was impossible that Mr.Modi would ask US President  Mr.Trump or anyone else to mediate on Kashmir.  One coming in power in his first term the Modi Government initiated talks with Pakistan on all the issues. As a preliminary Foreign Secretary level meeting was fixed. But before it the Pakistan High Commissioner Mr.Basit started holding talks with anti-India element Hurriat leaders of Kashmir as third party in the issue. It was total violation of Lahore Declaration and Simla Agreement. The Modi Government revoked the foreign ministers level talks. It declared that there would to no talks any further with Pakistan. The terrorism and talks could not go together. The Modi Government ordered “All Out” operation against terrorists in Kashmir and it is going on.

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