Turmoil on sand


The river sand is the biggest point of political and administrative corruption in the Madhya Pradesh. The powerful and criminal sand mafias are carrying out this business without any hindrance. Everyday sand of crores of rupees are illegally taken out and sold out and bribe of lakhs of rupees are paid in cash every day to politicians and officers particularly of police who facilitate the entire sand racket to go on. The politicians of all the parties are involved in it. Those officers who take action and raid the sites either comeback with bribe or they are shot or crushed by the sand laden trucks or tractors. The sand mafia had even fired on collectors, superintendent of police, SDM-SDO and Tehsildars. For sand mafia mining inspector type low rank government staffare small fly of no consequences. They do bother which party in power. During BJP regime of Chief Minister Mr.Shivraj Singh Chouhan in Bhind some truck laden with illegal sand were captured and place in the custody at a police station. It belonged Vice President of Bhind District of the BJP. He went to police station and taken away his truck and police could do nothing. In sand trade the sand is free and only expenditure on it of digging, lifting, loading and transportation. There is so much profit in it that even the industrial giants of the nation will shy away. Recently the GAD and Cooperative Minister Mr.Govind Singh, Member of Vidhan Sabha from Lahar-Bhind, made a bomb-shell statement that the State Government could do nothing to stop sand racket. He said that during the election campaigns he said on coming to power the Congress Government would put end to illegal sand mining racket and sand mafia. He said that now he admits that he has failed in it. The State Government was helpless and could do nothing. The sand mafia is excavating sand of crores of rupees and giving bribes of lakhs of rupees even day to all particularly to police. The Kamal Nath Government is badly shaken by the statement of its own cabinet minister Mr.Govind Singh. In panic reaction the Kamal Nath Government hurriedly announced a new sand policy under it all the sand stocking licenses were cancelled with immediate effect in the entire Madhya Pradesh. All the sand contractors are directed to submit stock report to the collectors within seven days. The Government would carry out inspection and would taken action if necessary. Now the sand contracts will not be given to individuals but in group. It is expected that it would minimize the sand theft by small contractors. But is it feared that the group contractors will enhance the price arbitrarily on higher side. The Government should fix the sand rates and open record of sand intake and disposal and names of the parties to whose it will be sold out. The Government has totally banned the mechanized sand mining in the River Narmada. This river is most exploited by the sand mafias. Now the sand has become a political issue also. There is nothing new in statement of Mr.Govind Singh as the illegal sand mining is going all the time in state. The sand mafia has strong political clout with money bags.