Uday Social Development Society celebrates Women’s Day


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Uday Social Development Society Celebrated International Women’s Day on 9th March 2018 at Vivekananda Park, Vaishnav Colony, Bhopal in collaboration with Ward Councillors 52,53, 54, 55 (Parshads). A total of 800 women (SHGs/ Domestic workers/ women leaders/ adolescent’s girls) participated in the program through Mahila Shakti Uday Sangh which is a women’s organization of SHGs. The program concentrated towards pushing women to achieve right to education. Education is the key component for development. The program was organised inclusive with both Women and Men. It is believed that to bring change is necessary each and every member of family should be supportive and respect for their rights, said by Mrs. Krishna Gaur, former mayor, Bhopal and leader of women morcha who was the Chief Guest of the event. She congratulated Uday society for organising a meaningful program and focused that not only one but all 365 days should be celebrated as women’s day. She also added if a family need to develop, surely the woman in the family should be Healthy, Educated and Economically Independent. She also stressed that women can perform all activities and she has equal power as of men. It is our responsibility of women to eradicate our traditional mindset which do not allow our daughters from our society. Our daughters are our pride and each and every girl should be educated. Ms. Rachna Budholia, Deputy Director, Women and Child Development focused that girls are discriminated even today in our society and not treated equally. She encouraged all to ban alcohol as it destroy families by taking an oath. Women work hard, earn money and husband waste them in consuming alcohol. There are different government schemes which are focusing girls’ education for their future development. Women leaders shared their experiences of associating with SHG Federation, Madhya Pradesh Domestic Workers Trade Union and Nyaya chaupal of Uday Society . They have increased their Self Confidence had collected courage to fight for their rights. All the women were honoured with valuable prizes promoted by Uday Society and the prices were distributed by Mrs Krishna Gaur Sr. Lizy Thomas, Br. James, Maya George,Parshad Archana Parmar and Narayani by giving prices to 20 members from 2 SHGs Federation women were rewarded for their excellent contribution to the society and towards women development. Again 6 core team members were awarded for their efforts to remove domestic violence and supporting women to get justice and 8 domestic workers were rewarded for their efforts in raising their voice for demanding justice.