UNDP’s Country Director to Attend Happiness Workshop


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal The Country Director of the UNDP, Sushri Maria Walter will attend Happiness Workshop on February 23. She will chair one of the session of a 2 day along Happiness workshop being conducted by the Anand department, Madhya Pradesh with the collaboration of IIT-Kharagpur at Bhopal. State Election Commissioner Shri R. Parshuram and retired Senior Officer Shri Vishwapati Trivedi had chaired the 2 parallel technical sessions of the second phase of the International Workshop on Happiness Index. Suggestions were called from the experts by holding dialogues with them and with the consent of all, it was said to implement good suggestions. Senior subject expert Dr. Samdu Chetri, Prof. Prateep Nayak, Sushri Radhika Punshi, Prof. Ganesh Bagdiya, Prof. Poornima Singh, Prof. M.K. Mandal, Prof. Raghunathan, Shri S.S. Rekhi, Prof. David Jones, Prof. Janak Pandey, Prof. D. Sor, Prof. P. Patnaik were present as experts in the session held in the afternoon. On the second day of the workshop i.e. February 23, two parallel sessions will be held. Shri R.S. Pillai and Shri R.S. Dani will preside over the sessions. Dr. Samdu Chetri, Prof. Prateep Nayak, Sushri Radhika Punshi, Dr. Hedi Karast and Prof. Ganesh Bagdiya will present in the session as experts. In the same session, Prof. Poornima Singh, Prof. R.C. tripathi, Prof. Rekha Singhal, Smt. Tashoki, Prof. M.K. Mandal, Prof. P. Mishra, Prof. A. Chowdhary and Shri Lokendra Thakkar will present as panelists. In the second parallel session, Senior IAS Officer Shri Dani will chair the session. Prof. Raj Raghunathan, Prof. S.S. Rekhi, Prof. David Jones, Prof. Lilavati Krishnan and Shri Karma Bangdi will take part as experts. In the same session, Prof. Kamlesh Singh, Prof. Janak Pandey, Prof. Vijay Kumar Shotri, Shri Rajul Asthana Shotri, Shri P. Patnaik, Prof. J. Mukherjee and Shri Akhilesh Argal and others will participate as panelists.