Unfair Ration Shop


The State Government is providing huge subsidy on foodgrains sugar, kerosene, salt etc for people of living below the poverty line through the fair price shops under Public Distribution System. The wheat is given to them at Rs.2 per kilogrmame and rice at Rs.3 per kilo and some other items. Few years back there were floods in the capital Bhopal due to permanent construction in nullahs, the Government to minimize the plight of the people ordered free distribution of ration to the flood victims. But even in capital the Suppliers and Government staff mixed huge quantity of soil in the food grains. This malpractice and corruption is still going almost in all the ration shops in the state. The Government is providing subsidy and on the ground such people are getting ration mixed with wastes. The ministers wherever they are on tour should inspect ration shops and ensure proper and pure distribution to the people of Below Poverty Line.