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Uproar Politics


Uptil now it was the Government side that charged the opposition of adopting disrupting tactics in the Parliament and not allowing discussion or carrying out legislative business. But on March 19 it was another way round when opposition charged the Government for adopting disrupting tactics to frustrate the move to move no-confidence motion against the Government. On 16th March the YSR Congress of Andhra Pradesh tried to move the no confidence motion but due to uproar and adjournment of the House it could not be taken up. Then again on March 19 the Telugu Desam Party and YSR Congress moved the no confidence motion. But the AIADMK of Tamil Nadu on Cauvery water issue stormed into the well of House and continued to raise slogans till the House adjourned. The Speaker Mrs.Sumitra Mahajan tried her best and asked the AIADMK members to back to seat as she has to count the number of MPs supporting the motion. Earlier Union Home Minister Mr.Rajnath Singh said that Government was ready to debate on the motion. The Opposition charged the Modi Government has a setting and fixing with the AIADMK to disrupt the House to block the no confidence by uproar till adjournment of the House. In the Lok Sabha the opposition parties were in a fix as they could nothing to persuade the AIADMK not to disrupt the House. Because it has become set practice with all the parties instead of debating the issues they prefer to disrupt the House and seeking adjournment of sitting. The Bhartiya Janata party started the tactics to disrupt the Parliament function when they were in Opposition and Congress led coalition UPA Government was in power. Now the situation has taken a serious turn when Opposition and the Government both side will prevent each other from functioning with disruption of proceedings all time to come. It will definitely make the Parliamentary form of Government redundant and of no use or useless. It will pose question before the nation in such a situation what type of system of Government we should adopt to govern ourselves democratically. Both side adopting or manipulating the disruption of Parliament will ultimately lead to political chaos. The President of India and Supreme Court should come forward to save the Parliamentary form of the Government and functioning of constitutional bodies be ensured.

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