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UPSC Bypass


The Modi Government has decided to employ private sector executives on the post of Joint Secretary in the Central Government bypassing the Union Public Service Commission and its procedure to select the public servant under certain strict standard to selected very able and efficient persons for service. Now under the new norms and forms in the Committee headed by the Cabinet Secretary will select the personal form the private sector. It is leteral entry also termed as Parashoot officer, who will drop in the Central Government services from the above. The Personnel Minister Mr.Jitendra Singh said this is an endevour to get the best from whichever sources available and it is motivated with focus on allowing every Indian citizen, a fair chance to ensure their growth depending in the potential. The Government is a system working with confidentiality and secracy.The Central Service offices are moved from one department to other department to have complete and comprehensive knowledge of the system. They are backbone of stable administration. The political parties come into the power and go out also. There are frequent changes in the ministry on the bases of fluctuation in the majority in legislatures. Some time there are President Rule under such political situation the civil services maintain the stability and continuity of administration. Under President rule civil executives are appointed advisor to the Governor to carry on administration. The Modi Government instead of bypassing UPSC should have adhered to the system of appointing persons as advisors for the specified jobs. Instead of appointing private executive as joint secretaries, they can easily be appointed as advisor. The term of the parashoot officers will be three years and they will get the pay and perquisites of Joint Secretary. The charge of the Congress party in this matter is correct that the Modi Government is destroying the Constitution.The Government services should be carried out only by the persons selected by the UPSC and properly trained at the Government academies at Mussoorie, Hyderabad and elsewhere. The private sector professionals do not know the norms and responsibilities of Government civil services. The “Person Friday” to the ruling party will capture all such post. The Modi Government should cancel this scheme and save the service and the system of Government and the Constitution.

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