Urea from Urine


Union Transport Minister Mr.Nitin Gadkari has said that we can produce urea fertilizer from human urine and save Rs.680 crores in five years on its imports. Mr.Gadkari himself a big industrialist has not said further that how the human urine will be processed in the industrial plant to convert or extract urea from urine and how much will be the cost of production. Presently the Urea as a chemical made from a by-product from the petro crude perhaps from Neptha. We are importing 60 lakh tonnes of urea chemical fertilizer from oil producing Gulf Countries mostly from Iran. If the Gadkari formula of urea by urine becomes a success and commercially cheap than the chemical urea it will definitely revolutionalise our agriculture. On the both the Rabi and Kharif sowing seasons urea are in high demand. It being imported item it is often in short supply. The Gadkari formula must be tested in its viability industrial production.Its raw material the human urine is free item and the only expenditure on its collection charges and transport it up the plants. If the cost of production is less than the chemical urea than only it will prevail as acceptable. Mr.Gadkari himself an industrialist should also come forward to set up plant to make urea from urine. Just floating an idea is not enough. He is Minister at Centre and he can put up his idea before the Union Cabinet and seek its approved to go for it.The collection of human urine will never be a problem. Its collections Centre can be set up near its plant. There can nearer be a problem of short supply and its scarcity. Mr.Gadkari said that from human urine we can also get Ammonium Sulphate and Nitrogen. Mr.Gadkari is industrialist and Union Minister he can execute it by himself or by the Government. He asked the airport to collect the urine but why the airport alone as it can be collected from anywhere. It will be easy and cost effected if colleded from plant sides. Mr.Gadkari said that his industrial concern “Poorti” is buying five truck load of human hair from the Tirupati Balaji Mandir and producing amino acid from it and exporting it. Let us hope that Mr.Gadkari’s industrial concern “Poorti” will be first in India to produce urea from human urine as commercially viable. He is from Nagpur which is a metro city and he can have human urine more than the requirement.

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