US Aid to Pak Withheld


After US President Mr.Donald Trump charging Pakistan of lies and deceit on terrorist the America as a quick follow-up action withheld 255 million dollar military aid to Pakistan. Assailing the past Presidents of the America, Mr.Trump said they had foolishly given aid to Pakistan in the last 15 years while the Pakistan has been deceitful by providing safe heaven to terrorist. In the last 15 years the America had provided 33 billion dollars. He said they give safe heaven to terrorist we fought in Afghanistan. Mr.Trump said that now Pakistan would move towards China for support and economic aid. The former Afghanistan President Mr.Hamid Karzai welcomed the American decision to cut off aid to Pakistan said that so far it held been counter-productive. The Pakistan used the aid money to help the terrorists. At such a critical juncture the all weather friend of Pakistan the China said that Pakistan had made sacrifices to counter the terrorism. It is quite obvious that in such a critical situation the China will take full advantage by over lording Pakistan. The China provided economic aid to Sri Lanka and developed a sea port at Hambantota, when Sri Lanka could not clear the debt in due course the China secured Hambantota seaport on lease for 99 years. In International affairs it is considered that China has virtually has attached the sea port as a recovery measure. In the economic corridor of China-Pakistan the China offered financial and technical help to Pakistan to construct a dam in Pakistan but it wanted property rights on that dam. It frightened the Pakistan and it had declined the offer and decided to construct the dam itself. But now with US rebuff to Pakistan, the Pakistan is not in a position to decline any Chinese offer. In the near future the elections to National Assembly in Pakistan are going to be held. The terrorist leader of Jaish-e-Mohammad Hafiz Sayyed with the tacit support of Pervez Musharaff is floating a political party to contest the elections. Due to Hafiz the Pakistan is not in a position to say that it had taken action against terrorist. If Hafiz himself or in a coalition forms government. He will give nuclear threat like Kim of North Korea. Pervez Musharaff is keeping away at Dubai and Nawaz Sharif is disqualified on corruption charges. Hafiz may emerge on strong position or near the power center. Recently the terrorist encircled the Islamabad in a protest demonstration. The Government asked the Army to clear it but they declined the Government order. Over and above they provided cash help to terrorist. The Army is planning to capture power. In the recent upsurge in the terrorist attack in India and Afghanistan, the China is instigating such attack.