U.S. Military Financing


The American Secretary of State Mr Mike Pompio has declared at the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) summit that America has decided to invest 30 crores dollar in the Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean region to counter Chinese interference in the sea routes. Out of 30 crore dollar 29 crore dollar will be spent in foreign military financing.The China making all efforts to increase its maritime boundary in the Pacific ocean by floating artificial islands. According the international law the maritime boundary of nation is upto 12 nautical miles in sea from its coast-line and beyond it free for all in its legitimate use. The United Nations and the International Court at the Hague has declared the artificial island cannot be accepted as mainland to measures maritime boundary. The Pacific Ocean having of 70 per cent of sea trade routes of the world. The country located in this ocean are Japan, South Korea, Philipines, Vietnam, Indonesia who are directly involved in Chinese design to expand its maritime boundary. The rest of the world has also rejected the Chinese claim. The America has decided to finance militaries of Pacific nations to meet the Chinese threat of its expansion.The America and Pacific nation realized that in the Indian Ocean and in Pacific also India is most vital nation to check China and China has also realized it. It is trying its best to prevent India’s membership in the N.S.G. (Nuclear Supply Group). To counter the Chinese obstical in India getting into the group the America has recently taken a decision that India can buy and defence requirement from America without licence formality. The trade war between America and China has taken rough turn in the business between the two nation. Due to heavy American duty on Chinese goods its trade with U.S. has come down by 27 per cent in four months after its imposition and fall is continuing. There are glut in Chinese market and many Chinese industries are facing closure for loss of market and business. The America has imposed heavy import duty on Chinese steel and aluminum on the plea that there items are question of nations security.