Vagary in Season


The Madhya Pradesh is facing the vagary of the season in a peculiar way the days are warm and night are cold. It has become a severe health hazard with large number of people are suffering with viral fever, cough and cold. Due to clear sky there is all the time sun shine making the weather warm. But the Northern Himalayan States on getting heavy snowfall the winds that are sweeping the downward states including Madhya Pradesh are very cold. There is difference of three times between the temperature of day and night. The Civil Surgeon of JP Hospital, Bhopal Dr. Chug has said that half of the people of capital Bhopal were sick with viral ailments. In the entire state the hospitals are overcrowded and number of patients are swelling everyday. People are advised that in evening they must be in woolen clothes. The cold winds in the day time are very tormenting. The weather office has predicted that such conditions will prevail for some days more till the snowfall in the Northern states.Although such weather is beneficial for the crop conditions.

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