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Vajpayee could summarise most complex issues in a 'single question', says Modi


New Delhi, At a time when there was 'turbulence and disruption' in country's polity, in Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India had found a "gifted man in spirit, heart and mind", writes Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "In times of turbulence and disruption, a nation is blessed to have a leader who rises to become its moral compass and guiding spirit, providing vision, cohesion and direction to his people. And, in such a moment at the turn of the century, India found one in Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was gifted in spirit, heart and mind," Mr Modi wrote in a blog in website "For those of us who knew him, he was, first, the rarest of human beings, who touched and inspired everyone he met. He was compassionate to the core, generous in spirit, warm beyond measure and kind to a fault. He was deeply respectful of others and gifted with a rare sense of humour that he often turned upon himself," says Prime Minister. Posting the link of the article on Twitter, Mr Modi on Friday morning wrote: "A leader for the ages, he was ahead of the times .....Penned some thoughts on Atal Ji". In the blog, Mr Modi further wrote: "Orator without parallel, he could switch from disarming humour to a lofty vision with ease, with a rare ability to connect with people naturally, to stir them to self-belief and to a higher cause. Sharply perceptive, he could summarise the most complex issues and discussions in a single sentence or question".

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