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Vidhan Sabha Session


On 25th June the 17th session of the 14th Vidhan Sabha has started and perhaps it may be its sessions. The General Election to the Vidhan Sabha to be held in the November next. The session will have five sitting till 29th June. According to the agenda the Government will present supplementary budget and 17 Bills of legislation. But on the Opposition side the Congress leader of Opposition Mr.Ajay Singh has declared that he would move the motion of no confidence against the Government. Earlier also he moved no confidence motion but it was aborted on the political gimmicks of his Deputy Leader of the Opposition Chaudhary Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi and soon after he joined the BJP. The five day session will be reflection of coming election in the performance. This time also there s lurking doubts that the Treasury Benches may perhaps have a drama on the motion of confidence and obvious the Congress must be as guard to thwart that. It is almost certain that in the five days only the supplementary budget and motion of confidence will be the agenda.

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