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Vidisha slips down


Under the Dalit ranking of NITI Commission the Vidisha District appeared at very down level in the performance list of 108 most improved inspirational districts of India. First Vidisha was ranked at 92 most has come down to 75. The NITI Commission released its first Dalit ranking of 108 inspirational district to measure its incremental progress across five developed areas the health and nutrition, education, financial inclusion and skill development, agriculture, water resources and basic infrastructure in the last two months of April and May 2018. The Vidisha has unproved only in to skill development. As Lok Sabha seat the Vidisha had been constituency of Mr Atal Bihar Vajpayee, Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, and presently Union Foreign Minister Mrs Sushma Swaraj as Lok Sabha member from Vidisha. Mrs. Swaraj promised to being in Vidisha Railway Locomotive Engine making project. But still nothing is known about this project.

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