War Clouds over Syria


It is all for oil, Russia getting enough petro crude and gas from Syria are backing President Asad in the prolonged civil war against him and America and other European nations are backing rebel President Asad is Shia and rebels are Sunni Muslims. In Arab world and in other Muslim nations including Pakistan the Shia and Sunni conflict is the main cause of civil war and political unrest. Similarly when President Saddam of Iraq attacked and captured the tiny Arab nation Kuwait . The oil interest of America were C 4 states. The Kuwait oil mostly supplied to American countries. US first attack on Iraq was to rescue Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. Second time the US attacked Iraq to liquate Saddam regime on the plea of it having chemical weapons. In the current heavy missile attack on Syria by the America, France and Britain on the same plea that Asad government used chemical weapons against the rebels. The three western nations fired 105 Tom cruze missiles over Syria claiming it hit the sites of chemical weapons installations. The Russia called it war crime by the America, Britain over France. It also said the Asad forces destroyed 73 western missiles in mid air. The Asad Government is heavely armed with Russia armaments and in Syria the real war is between the West and Russia by Russia. The TV channels in Russia are reregularly telecasting the message for the Russian people asking them to remain needy and prepared for the war. The western missiles rocked the capital Damascus hours before the dawn. The missiles were launched from land and sea. The Syria is using anti-missile system provided by Russia to hit back at western missile attack. Russia has announced that it would supply S300 missile to Syria to hit back against missile attack, Russia, China and Iraq assailed the US led missile attack as clear violations are international law. The Russian President Vladmir Putin has asked the emergent meeting of UN Security Council to deal with western aggression on Syria. The Syrian situation has all the potential to develop into third world war. The Syrian Civil war is between the President Asad being Shia and rebels are Sunnies. About two year back the Syrian War refuses poured out in European nations to settle there permanently. But all European nations refused to accept them on this basic and ultimate they had to so back when by formula return in there. The western nations are very sour over that being Muslims they should have sought shelter and settlements in the adjoining Muslim nations of Labenon, Turky, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and Gulf countries. More strange was the attitude or there Muslim nations also. All of them expressing sympathy to them but non of them invited to them to came to their nations for solace. Syrian refugees are totally misfit in Christian European nations. If war breaks out in Syria for some time it may remain proxy war in the cover of Syria itself. But ultimately it have all the potential to develop into direct war between America led western nations and Russia led China and Iran in the other side. It may develop into third world war. Russia has already alerted its people to the prepare for war.