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Water Problem in Bhopal


The water sources of the capital Bhopal the big lake known as Bhoj Sagar is shrinking fast due to paucity of water in it. The incoming rivers into the lake have dried up and no more pouring water in it. The lake areas have been reduced by 17 square meters and it is decreasing very fast. In the coming days the situation will become more critical. The same is the situation in the another water source the Kerwa dam. It is reported that the third source the river Narmada is also not having full capacity in its main gauge. On the more the Gujarat is also facing water shortage and asking Madhya Pradesh to release more water from its dams into the river Narmada. That being the home state of the Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi may be able to have extra water from the Madhya Pradesh. The Government and the Bhopal Municipal Corporation should sit together to develop more water sources to provide water to ever growing Bhopal Metropolis.Nearby there as Halali Dam and it be explored as another source of water for Bhopal.

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