Water Scarcity


The Madya Pradesh facing acute water scarcity due to deficient rains this year. The average rainfall of the state in 921 millimeter but it rained only 636 millimeters. The rains are deficient by 31 per cent. Even now in the month of March when summer is still not in full form there are 166 urban areas where water not supplied daily. In eleven small towns there is gap of three days in water supply. About 23,000 hand pumps have gone dry. The State Government has earmarked expenditure of Rs. 122 crores on water transportation through trains and road tankers. On such critical situation the tube well go dry and it are also responsible for over draw of underground water and its going down beyond reach. The state should immediately go for dredging the rivers and rivulets to store water and distribute it through water rationing. The traditional well should now be revived by advancing loans to the people and local municipal and panchayat bodies. The state instead to making contingency provision now and then on rain condition, should embark up to take certain and sure water conservation measures. By using the MANRECA man, material and funds the state should ensure every village to have etc own talab and during rains the rain water should be collected to keep it full. The big irrigation and hydro electricity dams are also not dependable on such critical occasion. Presently 15 big dams of the state are not filled up to full capacity rather it are very short in water level. Small rural talab will be more reliable than big dams. It will be network of water bodies and percolate water for nearby to deep ground wells.