Water supply to be tracked through SCADA


Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal People in the city would soon get relief from the problem of water leakage and disruption in water supply. Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited (BSCDCL) will now track wastage of water by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The system worth 50 crores is a part of Bhopal city water utility management system of the BSCDCL. The smart city cell claimed that the new technology will be operational in eight months in as many as 134 water tanks in the city. The system will monitor real time status of the water in these tanks and in the supply lines. The whole set-up will be linked to the smart city’s command and control center. A control for opening and closing of valves will also be developed. The system will help in supplying water according to the requirement of the area.