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We will do well in 19-BJP ruled states & fight it out in Bengal, Odisha, Telangana: BJP


New Delhi, Under relentless attack over vexed issues like fuel price and its handling of the urban Naxal issue, the BJP on Saturday sought to take the battle of 2019 into the rival camp and asserted that it will win the crucial battle of 2019 - the next parliamentary polls - with a much 'bigger' margin and more convincingly than it did in last Lok Sabha polls. "BJP is in power in 19 states.....we will easily win in these states where we have our government. And in places we are in the second place in states like West Bengal, Odisha and Telangana, the anti-incumbency mood will benefit us.....," BJP president Amit Shah told the party's two-day national executive meet here. Briefing reporters about the proceedings in the first session of the meet and on the presidential speech, Defence Minster Nirmala Sitharaman said the party chief also exuded confidence of performing well in states like Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. However, fielding questions, she said the BJP president "did not make any mention" about the 'so called pressure' being persisted by a section of 'upper caste' supporters against the party leaders in poll-bound states like Rajasthan against the government's decision to reverse the Supreme Court order alleged dilution of the Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. "In vishay pe kucch nahi bataya (No he did not make any mention on these issues)," Ms Sitharaman said answering a question on perceived protest against the move of the government on SC-ST law and also on fuel price issue. In his presidential address to meet being attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi among others, Mr Shah flagged off key issues those are close to the party's ideological moorings like Triple Talaq and National Register of Citizens (NRC). On the NRC issue, the party's firm stance is nothing new, Mr Shah reminded the party colleagues and said as many as nine times, the party has passed resolution on the same. "Therefore, we will pursue the issue with all sincerity and commitment". Referring to the Citizens Amendment Bill piloted by the government in 2016 and now being examined by a Parliamentary Standing Committee, BJP chief said that "if Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christain or Jain refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh, approach India seeking refuge, without hesitation we should give them refuge".

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