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We will fight ‘nasty politics’


Taking root in India & defeat BJP in next election: Rahul

Agencies, Singapore In a sharp attack on the BJP and the RSS, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said ‘nasty politics’ was taking root in India and that his party would defeat the BJP in the next Lok Sabha election. Addressing students at the Lee Juan Yew university here, Rahul said, ‘We have been fighting the BJP and RSS since the beginning. An extremely nasty form of politics is currently taking root in India. We will fight this nasty form of politics and will defeat the BJP in the next election. We do not like an India where people are persecuted for what they eat, drink, wear, or think. Very soon you will see an India where everybody is loved, respected and taken along.’ Slamming the Kashmir policy of the NDA government, Rahul charged the present government of destroying the years of effort by the previous UPA to provide a healing touch in the valley. “One complaint I have against the BJP’s policy is that it is episodic rather than strategic. When UPA came to power in 2004, we were handed a Kashmir that was burning; people were dying and there was violence, and terrorism everywhere. We made a plan and worked on it for nine years, and the plan was to build bridges between people. We held local body elections in the state where there were thousands of people’s representatives, we worked on connecting people to the banking sector. We brought businesses to J&K. We destroyed the terrorist movement — not by big talk and fancy speeches. Hundreds of people working quietly behind the scenes were responsible for this success. In 2014, when I went to the terror hit state, I felt like crying. I saw what a bad political decision can do to years and years of hard work,” Rahul stated. Charging the NDA government of destroying institutions, Rahul, giving the example of recent crisis in the Supreme Court with four senior judges holding a press conference to allege that all was not well in the apex Court, said, ‘ In India, people go to judges for justice. For the first time in my life, I saw four Supreme Court judges actually go to the people for justice. They went to the press and said that they need the people to hear their voice as there is something that is fundamentally wrong. There is a challenge to the institutional structure of our country. When you are moving so many people, there are aspirations and also fear. You can use that positively, or you can make them hate other people. I am proud to say that our vision is to bring people together. That vision has served the country. ‘Attacking the government on the issue of job creation , he said that the country, under the NDA rule, has the highest level of unemployment.  

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