Why Preeti’s kin are jittery


No action against minister Rampal and his son

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal Following the suicide by senior minister Rampal Singh’s daughter-in-law, the government and the police administration are busy in hushing up the case. Although the government claims to be fair and just towards all, the way it has acted in this case has exposed the reality of the case. This has put question mark before the entire government machinery and its style of working. The family members of deceased Preeti have demanded action in this matter and security for them. But it appears the government is deliberately complicating the case so that the minister and his son could escape action.

Security demanded

Preeti’s family members have once again urged senior Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia to take initiative in the matter and ensure proper safety for them. Far from any action against the minister, Preeti’s kin are worried about their own safety. Preeti’s kin have not expressed this apprehension for the first time. Earlier Ajay Singh and Arun Yadav had gone to Udaipura and that time Preeti’s family members had asked who would take guarantee for their protection. However the authorities are unmoved by the appeals made by Preeti’s family members.

Rampal has lost polls once

Rampal and his staunch supporters wield influence in Silwanar, Begumganj, Udaipura and Bareilly just like any filmi Thakur. The influence of his relatives Taruwar Singh, Pawan Singh and sons in the administrative circles and on the local people cannot be denied. Due to excessive influence, Rampal once lost election in Silawat. But this did not serve as an eye-opener to him. As PWD Minister, he has benefited his near and dear ones. In such a scenario getting justice is not easy for Preeti’s kin.