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Width of roads reduced to just 3 feet in New Market


Large-scale encroachments cause hardship to visitors Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal ,The New Market bazaar is in the grip of encroachment. The BMC undertakes anti-encroachment drives only occasionally and soon afterwards the things return to as before and encroachments are restorted. Making a mockery of the anti-encroachment drive run by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) across the city, the shop owners of New Market area ignore warnings of BMC’s anti-encroachment team. Once the BMC under its anti-encroachment drive in New Market area, seized shop-items displayed outside the shops and warned the shop owners against doing the same in future several times but only to be repeated by the shop owners. Displaying of products by the shop-keepers in the New Market area often results in congestion and hindrances in traffic movements. Many visitors to the market too feel that that the habit should be stopped by the shop-owners and BMC should take stringent action against the regular violators. The most popular and the prominent market in city is New Market but sometimes it becomes difficult to walk on the streets of the market because of congestion as many shop-keepers, especially the cloth shop owners put the mannequins on the road outside their shops, said a college student who identified himself as Kalyan. Not only shops but also the hawkers in the market contribute to congestion as they display their products on the road. The situation becomes worse during the weekends when crowd in the market is more. On top of this, many of the shoppers have to stop while moving on roads to check the items displayed by the hawkers and this too creates a problem. Action should be taken against the offenders so as to make the arrangements smooth, feel residents. Some of the shoppers believe that the BMC restrains itself from taking stringent action because of their nexus. The anti-encroachment drive which the BMC often conducts is just to show the public that they are serious about the issue. Apart from this, they also have close relation with the traders association of the area which plays a vital role during elections, said a resident of TT Nagar, who was present in the market to buy fruits. Encroachment-free New Market is Vyapari Sangh’s priority Encroachment-free New Market is the priority of the Vyapari Sangh. Yellow line will be drawn outside the shops to stop encroachment. The multi-level parking and hawkers’ corner will resolve the problem to a great extent. -Ajay Devnani,  Secretary, New Market is Vyapari Sangh

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